Our Affiliates

Next Sense Solicitors

It services includes but not limited to:

  • Legal advisory
  • Tax advisory
  • Legal drafting
  • Corporate Affairs Commission related services (Incorporation of companies, post incorporation related services, filing of annul returns, Incorporates Trustees related services and business names registration services).


2. LYT Multiventures Resources (Mailmail International Logistics)

LYT Resources is a brilliantly conceived company with vast knowledge in the business of Total Logistics and Supply Chain Management. The company pride itself in providing a flexible and innovative approach to achieving solutions for its customers, helping them in turn to meet the increasing demands of their customers. The Company acts fast in bridging the gap between demand and supply for it ranging clientele through the following services:

  • Cargo brokerage (Import & Export)
  • Cargo handling & delivery services
  • Freight documentation & processing
  • Procurement services (Local & International) in partnership with an International e-purchase company in China.
  • Cargo haulage service
  • Property brokerage
  • Cargo warehousing services.

The Company’s integrity with customers and good attitude to services is the basis of its steady growth and a secure future of our company.